In the BRGM's laboratories in Orléans. this X-ray diffraction apparatus, installed in 2010, opens up a new phase in automated mineral phase determination (Orléans, 2011). © BRGM - Didier Depoorter


Laboratories working to support BRGM scientific activities.

The BRGM has a unique range of facilities for analysis and experimentation in analytical chemistry, isotopic geochemistry, mineralogy, environmental sampling and metrology, microbiology and molecular biology, multi-scale biogeochemical experiments and treatment processes. All BRGM laboratories are accredited by COFRAC, the French accreditation body.

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BRGM participation in the latest CNES Zero-G campaign in Bordeaux

In order to design and market a detector of asbestos in materials, the BRGM, on an invitation from the CNRS, conducted experiments in near zero-gravity conditions using parabolic flights run by the French space agency, CNES.


“Advances in the geosciences rely on new and high quality scientific data”

An interview with Hervé Gaboriau, BRGM Laboratories Director.

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COFRAC accreditation of BRGM’s laboratories

BRGM’s laboratories have been accredited by COFRAC, the French accreditation body, since 1994, a mark of recognition of the reliability of its results.

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