The Küre open-pit copper mine (Turkey, 2012). © BRGM - Francis Cottard


BRGM works to support mining policy development to meet new mineral resource challenges.

Our work covers all aspects of knowledge on mineral raw materials and their management, including economics, assessments of reserves, substance life cycles, expert site studies and process management. The aim is to contribute to the security of supplies.

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Mineral prospectivity conference

BRGM, ISTO (Institut des sciences de la Terre d'Orléans) and the Russian-French Metallogenic Laboratory (RFML) organize an international conference entitled "Mineral prospectivity: current approaches and future innovations in predictive geosciences", from 24 to 26 October 2017 at the BRGM in Orléans (France).


“Towards responsible mining”

Interview with Jean-Claude Guillaneau, BRGM director for Georesources.

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Mineral resources: a strategic issue

Increasingly scarce resources and growing demand: the supply of mineral raw materials has become a major economic issue for France and Europe.

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