View of the "Trou de Fer" after heavy rainfall, during a heliborne survey of La Réunion. The island holds the world records for rainfall over 24 hours and 15 days (La Réunion, 2012). © BRGM - Séverine Bès de Berc


BRGM is among the leading players in the development of sustainable solutions for water, one of the major challenges for the 21st century.

Core activities in this field are water resource management, studies on hydrosystem functions and their protection, identifying untapped reserves and assessments of climate change impacts on water resources and water users.

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Marion Crenner, winner of the 2017 VIE integration award for her work in India

Marion Crenner, a hydrogeologist working with the BRGM in Hyderabad under the international enterprise volunteer (VIE) scheme, received the 2017 award in New Delhi for her active collaborative work with the IFCGR.


“Better forecasting of water resources demands a systems approach”

Interview with Nathalie Dörfliger, Director for Water, Environment and Ecotechnologies.

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BRGM, solutions for tomorrow's water issues

BRGM is a leading player in the development of sustainable solutions for water, one of the new century’s most crucial issues.

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Water's role in the Earth system

An issue of BRGM's journal to explore the role of water in the depths of our planet.

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