A slot canyon in Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona, USA). © Joe Cornish/Digital Vision/Getty Images

BRGM purchasing

BRGM regularly issues calls for tenders through an online platform: achatpublic.com. This page provides links to current calls for tenders and contracts awarded.

If you wish to respond to the invitations to tender issued by the BRGM (see table below), you may do so free of charge by downloading all of the necessary tendering documents available for companies on line.

After filling in the brief introductory information required, you will be able to access the tendering documents and all relevant information on the tendering process (changes to documents already submitted, deadline extensions, etc.).

Current calls for tenders

Contract award notices

Investigations of near surface soils - geophysics and remote sensing

To improve the physical characterisation and monitoring of the physical, mechanical and water-related aspects of the subsoil and its components, new methods are needed for geophysical measurements and processing of remote sensing data.

These need to be developed to support research in different topic areas and to enhance the performance of operations in response to public policy and socio-economic concerns:

  • Characterisation of subsurface water (resource management and transfers in the non-saturated zone),
  • Surveillance and prevention of natural and anthropic risks (land movements, natural and induced earth tremors, detection of subterranean cavities, surveillance of infrastructure and former mining sites),
  • Exploration and characterisation of reservoirs for underground CO2 storage and geothermal energy production,
  • Delivery of geophysical or biophysical parameters describing changes in the environment over time.
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