Sampling gases at their outlet during an experiment on resuspending PCB-contaminated sediments (2010). © BRGM - Philippe Bataillard


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Aquifer potential and water resource management

Given the increasing tensions over water resources, abstraction from localised resources that are little or inefficiently used at present due to their complexity or access difficulties is likely to increase.

Capitalising and disseminating information - associated products and services

Handling the entire information cycle - acquisition, collection, validation, research, capitalisation, compilation, distribution - is a core BRGM competence.

Chemistry: environmental experimentation and metrology

Identifying the origins of polluting substances and tracking their movement and behaviour in the environment requires accurate and reliable data and expert management of the entire measurement chain, from field to laboratory.

Coastal dynamics and coastal risks

This programme aims to develop and apply tools and methods to assess coastal erosion and flooding risks and to address needs for knowledge to map vulnerable zones.

Coastal observatories and monitoring networks

This programme comes under the "national integrated coastal management strategy" introduced in March 2012 by the MEDDE, and under coastal risks. Its main aim is to develop coastal monitoring observatories in partnership with public agencies, regional and local authorities and EU agencies and is...

Contaminant transfers in aquifers

Predicting the movement of pollutants in groundwater is a major challenge for sustainable resource management, which is becoming more acute with the continual emergence of "new" molecules. In-depth knowledge of the dynamics and direction of contaminant transfers is essential to improve risk...

Economics of environments and risks

In the area of georesource management risks, economic assessments have become inseparable from technical and scientific expertise. This demands the development of operational tools for economic policy assessments.

Economics of primary and secondary mineral raw materials

This is a programme on forward monitoring of mineral raw material markets, which will contribute to the short and medium term security of economic resources. It encompasses all projects on primary and secondary mineral raw materials and includes a significant economic component.


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