Sampling gases at their outlet during an experiment on resuspending PCB-contaminated sediments (2010). © BRGM - Philippe Bataillard


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Ecotechnologies for mineral raw materials and recycling

This programme focuses on the development of recycling processes (separation techniques, biolixiviation, recycling) to recover primary and secondary raw materials (ores and concentrates, extractive industry waste, metal processing waste, consumer waste) in order to contribute to the security of...

Environmental biogeochemistry

The purpose of this programme is to identify and describe biogeochemical processes in the soil and subsoil and to develop applications for environmental purposes and for the extraction and development of deep underground resources.

Geodynamics of orogens

The aim of this programme is to develop knowledge on the evolution in space and time of orogens (formation of mountain ranges), both ancient (bedrock) and recent.

Geodynamics of sedimentary basins and the continental shelf

This multidisciplinary programme is working to understand the genesis of sedimentary basins, analyse their geometry and define the properties of their materials, at high resolution and at different scales in space and time.

Geophysical investigations of geological infrastructure

This programme is providing geophysical coverage at the national and regional scales to produce new measurements (ground or airborne surveys), capitalising and reprocessing older data and developing integrative methods to improve knowledge on regional geology.

Geothermal energy and thermal energy storage in hydro-systems

This programme concerns geothermal energy and thermal energy storage in hydro-systems where hydraulic stimulation or sophisticated well designs are not needed to ensure sustainable extraction.

Hydrogeological reference platforms for hydrographic basins

The main purpose of this programme is to capitalise knowledge on groundwater.

Interactions between water masses

Few studies have been made of the interfaces between underground water masses and surface waters (rivers, wetlands) or with seas and oceans along the coastline.


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