Sampling gases at their outlet during an experiment on resuspending PCB-contaminated sediments (2010). © BRGM - Philippe Bataillard


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Multi-physical characterisation of geological objects and geostatistical methods

The programme on "multiphysical characterisation of geological objects and geo-statistical methods" is building up a series of tools to manipulate, investigate and characterise digital geological objects (3D) and how they evolve over time (4D).

New generation deep geothermal extraction

This programme is dedicated to new generation deep geothermal extraction via the development of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS).

Performance of geological barriers

This programme supplies input parameters for safety studies conducted by agencies such as ANDRA on radioactive waste storage, and to cater for the future needs of the public authorities and industries concerning other storage issues (gases, in close cooperation with the programme on CO2...

Predictive water resource scenarios

In the context of climate change and increasing human pressure, assessments of the vulnerability of water resources (or hydrosystems) are essential.

Reactive transport and geochemical processes

This programme aims to develop digital methods to model reactive transfer and physicochemical phenomena in complex hydro-systems, with a view to extracting natural resources from the soil and subsoil or injecting undesired compounds for storage.

Regional Geological Reference Platforms

The aim of this programme is to deliver new knowledge on geological objects and bodies at the regional scale in 2D and 3D with possibilities for incorporating the time dimension.

Regolith formation and characteristics

This programme aims to specify the processes at work in the formation of near- surface geological bodies (regolith) and to quantify their geometry and physical and chemical properties to cater for regional development needs.

Rehabilitating degraded sites

To address the issues that arise in rehabilitating degraded sites and managing the resulting waste, this programme is developing methodological tools and techniques for each sector.


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