Determining the presence of  trace metals and chemical lanthanide and actinide elements (BRGM laboratories, Orléans, 2009). © BRGM - Didier Depoorter


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“Our information system upgrades must guarantee the quality and accessibility of geo-information over the long term”

Interview with Jean-Marc Trouillard, Director of BRGM's Information Systems Division. BRGM policy is strongly geared to the needs of both in-house and external users, whether professional or members of the general public.

“The goal is to protect people, property and the environment”

An interview with Jean-Luc Foucher, BRGM Director for Risk Prevention The BRGM is a leading player in a new, large-scale and multi-competence approach to risk prevention.

“Advances in the geosciences rely on new and high quality scientific data”

Interview with Hervé Gaboriau, BRGM Laboratories Director. Responding to new scientific issues requires the production of original and high-quality scientific data through analyses or laboratory and in situ experiments.

“Groundwater: better forecasting of floods and water resources demands a systems approach”

Interview with Nathalie Dörfliger, Director of Water, Environment and Eco-technologies Division at BRGM. Quantitative management of groundwater depends on the ability to forecast the state of resources and the role of groundwater in flooding.

“The bedrock of geological information in France”

An interview with Jean-Claude Guillaneau, BRGM Director for Georesources. Now that the geological mapping programme is complete, the French Geological Reference Platform has been launched to provide a 3D representation of the subsoil in France.

“Reviving mining potential with a concern for the social and environmental dimension : towards 'responsible' mining”

Interview with Jean-Claude Guillaneau, Director of BRGM Georesources Division. BRGM's work takes the social and environmental dimensions into account, to establish “responsible” mining.

“Modern geology meets new needs in society”

Interview with Didier Bonijoly, Deputy Director of BRGM Georesources Division. The environment, risks, renewable energy and strategic metals all raise challenges for modern geology to meet new needs in society.

“Digital models are valuable decision-support tools”

An interview with Nathalie Dörfliger, BRGM Director for Water, Environment and Ecotechnologies. 3D mapping and modelling are essential tools for water management.


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