Ferruginous hard ground in the Maastrichtian sandstone of Cap Rouge (Senegal, 2008). © BRGM - Jack Roger

International cooperation: BRGM, an international leader in the geosciences

BRGM works across the globe towards enduring protection for people and resources.

Internationally, as in France, the BRGM provides know-how and expertise in two main areas:

  • protecting people and their environment against natural risks,
  • ensuring the permanence and quality of natural water, mineral and (geothermal) energy resources.

Topic areas

Each year, the BRGM acts in about 30 countries in the following topic areas:

  • geological infrastructure: geological mapping, development of information systems,
  • mineral resources, with a particular focus on the challenging issue of rare metals,
  • access to water: protection of water resources and prospecting for new resources, sustainable water management methods,
  • natural risks and preventive action: seismic and coastal risks, planning and reconstruction programmes,
  • geothermal energy for heat and power production, as well as geological storage of CO2, in the context of responses to climate change.

BRGM's international activity (2016)

										<ul class='map-pays'>
											<li> • Argentina</li>
											<li> • Dominican Republic</li>
											<li> • Haiti</li>
										</ul> <h3>Europe</h3>
										<ul class='map-pays'>
											<li> • Kosovo</li>
											<li> • Poland</li>
											<li> • Romania</li>
											<li> • Switzerland</li>
											<li> • Ukraine</li>
											<li> • United Kingdom</li>
										</ul> <h3>Maghreb</h3>
										<ul class='map-pays'>
											<li> • Algeria</li>
											<li> • Morocco</li>
											<li> • Tunisia</li>
										</ul> <h3>Middle East</h3>
										<ul class='map-pays'>
											<li> • Jordan</li>
											<li> • Saudi Arabia</li>
											<li> • Turkey</li>
										</ul> <h3>Asia</h3>
										<ul class='map-pays'>
											<li> • Mongolia</li>
											<li> • Myanmar</li>
										</ul> <h3>Africa</h3>
										<table><tr><td><ul class='map-pays'>
											<li> • Benin</li>
											<li> • Burkina Faso</li>
											<li> • Cameroon</li>
											<li> • Chad</li>
											<li> • Congo</li>
											<li> • Democratic Republic of Congo</li>
											<li> • Gabon</li>
<td><ul class='map-pays'>
											<li> • Guinea Conakry</li>
											<li> • Ivory Coast</li>
											<li> • Malawi</li>
											<li> • Mali</li>
											<li> • Senegal</li>

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Main international BRGM clients

BRGM works for international development assistance institutions, States and major private-sector operators involved in environment, natural resources and planning.

It acts in the following areas:

  • contributions to French cooperation policy;
  • policy-development support to the EU, the World Bank and other multilateral agencies and States;
  • services to businesses;
  • participation in the work of international geological bodies.


See a selection of international cooperation projects

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