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Call for proposals: thesis topics for 2018-2019

To strengthen its policy on theses, the BRGM is introducing a PhD programme with a call for proposals for thesis topics for the next two years.

This year, the BRGM's policy on theses - one of the pillars of its research activities - is being strengthened by the introduction of a PhD programme, aiming in particular to better coordinate all BRGM theses, both internal and external, and to develop synergies between our thesis portfolio and our scientific programmes. The thesis programme includes a call for proposals for thesis topics that will now run for two years, to improve coordination with calls for projects from major funding agencies (ADEME, the French Regions, Horizon 2020, National Research Agency, etc.). The first call for proposals for the academic year starting in September 2018 was issued in mid-November 2017; the second will be issued in mid-June 2018.

Aims of the new call for proposals for thesis topics

Expanding and deepening certain topics in BRGM research or scientific output over time will help to develop strategic partnerships with universities and industry (especially through theses under the CIFRE scheme).

The new call for proposals also aims to:

  • Increase the number of BRGM doctoral students to associate them with our major projects;
  • Support development of the BRGM's scientific infrastructure, especially its platforms;
  • Further strengthen the BRGM's presence in the regions via the Regional Activities Division and network, especially in overseas France. 
  • Increase co-supervision opportunities for BRGM researchers looking to qualify as Research Directors (HDR accreditation).

Themes addressed by the new call for proposals for thesis topics

Proposals for thesis topics should relate to the 6 major issues addressed by the BRGM's strategy or contribute to transverse activities that aim to support excellence or resourcing.

Each thesis topic proposed should be approved by the Director of the Operational Division (OD) employing the BRGM staff member proposing the thesis. The proposal should be submitted in accordance with the rules, using the form annexed to the thesis programme, and emailed to: theses_brgm@brgm.fr

The details of the procedure for examining the proposals and financing arrangements are set out in the text of the call for proposals.

Proposals for thesis topics must be submitted by the 12 January 2018 deadline.


Download the call for proposals for thesis topics

Download the application form

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