A cleft in Antelope Lower Canyon, forming what is known as a slot canyon (Arizona, USA). © Joe Cornish/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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The BRGM is sponsoring the 2019 edition of EUROCLAY. This event is held from the 1st to the 5th July 2019 in Paris, at the Pierre et Marie Curie University.

3rd Prométhée workshop

The BRGM, involved in the French national network Promethee, organises the 3rd Prométhée workshop dedicated to bioleaching, to be held on 10 October 2018, in Orléans, France.

2017 Annual Report

As the French reference institution for geoscience research, the BRGM addressed a great many topics in 2017.

Critical and strategic metals: IOM3 award for the FAME project

The European FAME project, partnered by the BRGM, was awarded the Medal of Excellence by IOM3, a leading international professional body in the raw materials sector.

National data on polluted sites and soils now distributed by the BRGM

In consultation with the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the BRGM distributes policies and methodologies for managing polluted sites and soils through its InfoTerre portal.

Michèle Rousseau elected to the Board of the AllEnvi Council

The Council of the French National Alliance for Research on the Environment, AllEnvi, was reorganised on 17 July 2018. Michèle Rousseau, Chair of the BRGM, was elected to the Board.

The energy transition in France: a report on uses of the subsoil

The BRGM contributed to a report from the Academy of Science and the Academy of Technology on strategies for making use of subsoil resources to support the energy transition in France.

Signature of the national charter on professional ethics in research

Since its creation, the BRGM has been committed to a demanding approach to ethics. It has now become the 34th signatory to the French national charter on professional ethics in research.


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