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Earthquake swarm in Mayotte

Several hundred earthquakes have been recorded in Mayotte since 10 May 2018, including one magnitude 5.8 quake, the strongest ever recorded in the Comoros. Seismic activity is still continuing.

Corsica: BRGM assessment of wildfire impacts on ground movements

On a request from the Prefecture of Northern Corsica, the BRGM investigated the impacts of the January 2018 wildfires at Chiatra and Sant'Andrea di Cotone on natural risks.

Renewal of the BRGM cooperation agreement with Mongolia

Khishigjargal Kherlen, Chair of the Mongolian Agency for Mineral and Petroleum Resources (MRPAM), and Pierre Toulhoat, the BRGM's Deputy Executive Director, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 27 June 2018, in the presence of Avirmid Battur, Mongolia's Ambassador to France, and Stéphane Louhaur...

Groundwater: new version of the BDLISA hydrogeological database

Version 2 of BDLISA, the French hydrogeological reference database, is now available online. This is a national database used to locate all data on groundwater.

INSPIRE Directive: progress on environmental information in France

The BRGM has produced a dashboard for the European Commission to measure the application in France of the INSPIRE Directive aiming to make all public environmental information available on line.

New ISTO agreement

BRGM, CNRS and University of Orléans to pursue their cooperation under ISTO, the Orléans Earth Sciences Institute.

International projects: partnership agreement between the BRGM and Morocco

Morocco's Ministry for Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development signed a framework partnership agreement with the BRGM during the Geological Symposium held on 8-9 May 2018 in Rabat.

BRGM-ONF partnership renewed

The BRGM and the ONF have renewed their framework agreement on risk management and environmental knowledge, with a strong emphasis on developing projects internationally and in overseas France.


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