A cleft in Antelope Lower Canyon, forming what is known as a slot canyon (Arizona, USA). © Joe Cornish/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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Subsoil resources and business development: the Extra&Co technological platforms

One year after its launch, the Extra&Co scheme, in which the BRGM Carnot Institute is taking part, presents the catalogue of its technological platforms.

Now on line: the French geological heritage inventory

The national inventory of the French geological heritage, for which the BRGM has technical responsibility, now offers online access to data on 1131 geological sites in France.

Asbestos removal: the BRGM's PLASMIANTE project wins a PRDA award

An innovative BRGM project is one of 11 projects selected for financial support under the PRDA R&D plan for asbestos removal.

CO2 storage: presentation of the ENOS project at the CO2GeoNet Open Forum

The European ENOS project, coordinated by the BRGM, was presented at the 12th Open Forum organised by CO2GeoNet. The aim of the project was to promote onshore CO2 storage in Europe.

BRGM partners the EU Richter crisis management exercise 2017 for the Caribbean

A Richter crisis management exercise took place from 21 to 24 March in the Caribbean. The simulation, run on an unprecedented scale, tested responses to a major earthquake.

A drilling operation to trace the human history of Orléans from its wastewater

For one week, a team from ISTO took samples of sewage residues in the Orléans sand chamber, with the aim of tracing the city's activities since 1942.

A unique technical and scientific reference base on mining in France

The BRGM contributed to the "La mine en France” (Mining in France) collection, recently published on the Minéralinfo site to provide input for discussions on mining projects in mainland France and French Guiana.

The BRGM supports the March for Science

The BRGM and AllEnvi, the French national Alliance for the Environment of which it is a founder member, joined the March for Science organised across the world on 22 April.


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