A cleft in Antelope Lower Canyon, forming what is known as a slot canyon (Arizona, USA). © Joe Cornish/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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The BRGM Awards

In 2018, for the first time, the BRGM awarded prizes for outstanding results achieved by staff and teams of the BRGM Group.

Partnership agreement between BRGM and CEREMA

The BRGM and CEREMA signed a framework partnership agreement on 16 February 2018, mainly on seismic risks, gravity risks and geothermal applications.

The BRGM at the National Coastline Monitoring Committee meeting

The BRGM took part in the 30 January 2018 meeting of the national committee for coastline monitoring and integrated management, opened by Brune Poirson, Secretary of State for Minister Nicolas Hulot.

New membership of the BRGM Scientific Committee

The membership of the BRGM's Scientific Committee was renewed on 25 January 2018.

Risks: BRGM scientists heard by the French Parliament and Senate

BRGM scientists were heard by two fact-finding missions on natural and climatic risks, in late January and early February 2018.

BRGM studies on energy storage

On 7 February, ANCRE, the French national alliance for energy research coordination, of which the BRGM is a member, presented French advances in research on energy storage.

Version 2015 of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

The BRGM's ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certification was confirmed under the 2015 versions in late 2017.

Launch of SURICATE-Nat: citizens natural risks vigilance

The BRGM and its partners have launched SURICATE-Nat, a participatory platform using social networks as a source of real-time information on unfolding natural disasters.


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