Beach damage caused by a storm surge during Cyclone Omar on 16 October 2008 (Anse Mitan, Martinique, 2008). © BRGM - Anne-Valérie Barras

Coastal dynamics and coastal risks

This programme aims to develop and apply tools and methods to assess coastal erosion and flooding risks and to address needs for knowledge to map vulnerable zones.

This programme covers studies of the phenomena and processes governing coastal risks (storms, hurricanes, extreme events, long-term trends) in different fields:

  • hydrodynamics: ocean swells, sea level, currents
  • morphodynamics: sedimentary movements and morphological changes.

These studies rely on digital models and supercomputers, in situ measurements, processing of data series, statistical and probability analyses, as well as on GIS and weather, wave, storm and flooding databanks.

The programme on "coastal dynamics and coastal risks" is linked to the programmes on "coastal observatories and monitoring networks" (processed observation data on risks), on seismic, volcanic and tsunami risks (working downstream from the characterisation of the genesis of tsunamis) and on "vulnerability and resilience of urbanised systems to climate change impacts" (environmental impacts and consequences for coastal risks).

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