Extraction operations in a large aggregate quarry at the southern end of Givet (Ardennes, N France, 2007). © BRGM - François Michel

Economics of primary and secondary mineral raw materials

This is a programme on forward monitoring of mineral raw material markets, which will contribute to the short and medium term security of economic resources. It encompasses all projects on primary and secondary mineral raw materials and includes a significant economic component.

The programme on "economics of primary and secondary mineral raw materials" is developing:

  • tools for economic assessments of mineral resource management/extraction policies, drawing on forward economic and environmental analysis methods,
  • circular technico-economic models of mineral raw material flows from extraction to use, including waste disposal and recycling, uncertainties and reversals of supply trends (metals, rare earths, etc.).

The priorities in terms of support to public policy development are to provide specific insights in response to the needs of the State, to participate actively in dedicated European networks on mineral raw materials (under the European "Horizon 2020" framework programme for research and innovation) and to develop research partnerships with SMEs.

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