A helicopter lifts the measuring loop used for the magnetism survey in Mayotte (2011). © BRGM

Geophysical investigations of geological infrastructure

This programme is providing geophysical coverage at the national and regional scales to produce new measurements (ground or airborne surveys), capitalising and reprocessing older data and developing integrative methods to improve knowledge on regional geology.

The results obtained with specific geophysical methods will also deliver information on physical and chemical properties that have direct applications in certain topic areas such as hydrogeology, natural risks and underground storage.

The project activities under this programme aim to:

  • acquire, format and distribute geophysical data on France,
  • develop tools and finalise methods to process and model geophysical and satellite data in map form and in 3D for use in multiple topic areas,
  • conduct scientific studies for applications incorporating geophysics and other geo-scientific information at the regional scale.
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