Landslip damage in the French Alps (France, 1994). © BRGM - François Michel

AD-VITAM: Analysis of the vulnerability of Alpine Mediterranean areas to natural ground movement risks

The BRGM is partnering the AD-VITAM project, funded by the European ALCOTRA programme and coordinated by the GÉOAZUR laboratory (France) with ARPAL, the Piedmont Region, the Montagne Sûre Foundation (Aosta Valley), the University of Genoa and the Val d'Ormea, Argentina and Mendatica intermunicipal authority (Liguria).

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Improving local resilience to natural ground movement risks

The AD-VITAM project is working to improve the resilience of local areas to natural ground movement risks by developing innovative operational systems based on rainfall data. The project will assess the links between rainfall and landslips through studies of past events, produce an inventory of ground movement events in the Franco-Italian ALCOTRA area, develop different predictive models, define the threshold conditions that trigger landslips and produce dynamic vulnerability maps, which are essential to operational risk management.  

The results will be mainly for the use of local players with responsibilities for managing ground movement risks: applications will be available for the entire ALCOTRA area as well as online information for the general public.

Analysing natural risks in the past to improve prevention

The project's main objective is to effectively integrate rainfall variations both past and future (climate projections) in model calculations of ground movement risks, which, unlike rockfall risks (MASSA project) have been little studied to date. The review of past events will produce an inventory and an analysis of cause and effect in local areas, in terms of impacts and the resilience of populations to risks specific to mountain areas and typically Mediterranean zones.

The BRGM's role in the project draws on its expertise in geology and its capacities for analysing risks associated with ground movements: analysis of past events, processed geological data products and pre-analysis of risks. The BRGM's aims in this project are to capitalise knowledge on natural land movement risks to improve distribution, adapt risk models to integrate triggering factors (rainfall) and address needs for communication and training for elected officials in the use of prevention tools to improve local area management and long-term resilience.

Project duration: 3 years (mid-2017 to mid-2020).


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