Houses destroyed by the 6 April 2009 earthquake in the Abruzzo region (Onna, Italy, 2009). © BRGM - Samuel Auclair

RISVAL: Seismic risks in areas straddling the Franco-Italian border

The BRGM is a partner in the RISVAL project, funded by the European ALCOTRA programme and coordinated by Italy's Piedmont region with the autonomous region of the Aosta Valley, ARPA Piémont, the ISTerre and GEOAZUR laboratories, CEREMA and ENTENTE.

The RISVAL project is aiming to reinforce regional capacities for surveillance and rapid characterisation of seismic activity and to develop new shared tools to qualify the vulnerability of buildings more accurately. This will help to improve existing preventive and crisis management measures and thus strengthen the area's resilience.


Preparedness for the critical consequences of seismic risks

The transboundary Alpine area is characterised by moderate seismic hazards and frequently affected by generally low-intensity earth tremors. Although destructive earthquakes are uncommon (about  every 30 years), a major disaster cannot be excluded and raises the question of response capacities. Ensuring preparedness for the critical consequences of a major seismic event for the Alpine population, economy and environment is an essential task for all regional players involved in seismic risk management.

Supporting regional and local authorities in seismic risk management

The main objective is to involve the regional and local authorities in implementing tools that meet their needs for seismic risk management. In line with the ALCOTRA programme's objectives, the project is also working to cultivate seismic risk awareness not only among the local and regional authorities and their technical teams, but also among the general public (professionals and schools) through targeted workshops and communication. Innovative tools and methods for monitoring strategic infrastructure and reinforcing buildings will also be tested in pilot zones. This will involve competence transfers from university laboratories to management agencies as well as SME spin-offs in the field of instrumentation for civil engineering. Finally, the data collected will be compiled into shared databanks to support risk management.

The BRGM's competences will be deployed to ensure that the project's development results can be directly used to support measures taken by the authorities in charge of seismic risk planning and management in the transboundary zone. 

Project duration: 3 years (mid-2017 to mid-2020).


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