Preparing rock compartments  for blasting on a 100 m high coastal cliff (La Réunion, 2006). © BRGM - Jean-Louis Nedellec


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EXTRAVAN: developing ecotechnologies for vanadium production in Europe

Following a call for projects issued in 2014, EXTRAVAN received funding from the ADEME under the European ERA-MIN programme for sustainable raw materials production in Europe. The project was conducted in partnership with the BRGM. EXTRAVAN's results have brought advances for the re-use of European...

AD-VITAM: Analysis of the vulnerability of Alpine Mediterranean areas to natural ground movement risks

The BRGM is partnering the AD-VITAM project, funded by the European ALCOTRA programme and coordinated by the GÉOAZUR laboratory (France) with ARPAL, the Piedmont Region, the Montagne Sûre Foundation (Aosta Valley), the University of Genoa and the Val d'Ormea, Argentina and Mendatica intermunicipal...

AquaNES : developing systems for natural wastewater treatment

Under the EU Horizon 2020 programme, the BRGM is taking part in the AquaNES project, which is developing water treatment systems that combine industrial and natural methods.

RISVAL: Seismic risks in areas straddling the Franco-Italian border

The BRGM is a partner in the RISVAL project, funded by the European ALCOTRA programme and coordinated by Italy's Piedmont region with the autonomous region of the Aosta Valley, ARPA Piémont, the ISTerre and GEOAZUR laboratories, CEREMA and ENTENTE.

AGREGA: a new simulation tool to develop a management methodology for aggregate resources

Under the Investing for the Future scheme, the BRGM is taking part in the AGREGA project on forward planning and management of regional aggregate resources.

RockTheAlps: preventing rock-fall risks through sustainable forest management

The BRGM is a partner in the RockTheAlps project, funded by the EU Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via the Alpine Space programme and coordinated by IRSTEA (France). RockTheAlps is a project aiming to strengthen implementation of the policy to prevent rock-falls through sustainable forest...

Earthquake simulations : can uncertainties be quantified more accurently ?

How should the sensitivity and variability of seismograms be addressed in terms of uncertainty ? In other words, how can uncertainties be quantified more accurately in earthquake prediction models ? Some groundbreaking BRGM contributions to an international collaborative project at the point of...


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