A hot water spring with concretions coloured by bacteria (Yellowstone Park, USA, 2012). © BRGM - Marie-Christine Dictor

Developing communication about geothermal energy

Drawing on tools to raise awareness, inform and persuade, BRGM’s dedicated communication effort on geothermal energy is designed to target the general public, elected officials, technicians and experts.

As well as its work to  consolidate the structure of the French geothermal sector, BRGM is implementing communication activities to enhance the visibility of geothermal applications in France.

The Géothermie Perspectives website

Developed with ADEME, this website provides information on geothermal energy in general, the techniques used and useful contacts, but also on the geothermal potential of surface aquifers in different regions.

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Current awareness newsletters on geothermal energy

BRGM publishes current awareness newsletters for specialists and the public authorities.

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Thematic guides

BRGM also publishes technical guides on geothermal heat pumps for professionals and the general public.

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BRGM participation in events in the field of geothermal energy

BRGM participates in geothermal energy trade fairs and organises technical seminars.


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