Taking samples of condensed vapour from a geothermal well in the Krafla field (Iceland, 2009). © BRGM - Frederick Gal

Structuring the geothermal energy sector

As a focal point for the public authorities and operators, BRGM is involved at every level in developing the structure of the geothermal sector in France and improving its visibility.

Through its activities in the field of geothermal energy, BRGM is helping to develop the structure of the geothermal energy sector in France, as well as working to improve its visibility as a form of renewable energy.

Getting organised

In the last ten years, the geothermal sector has been getting organised, with support from the ADEME and BRGM. 2002 saw the creation of  AFPAC (French Heat Pumps Association), which established two reference standards: QualiPAC (certification for installers) and NF PAC (certification for equipment).

BRGM, with support from ADEME and working with drilling and geothermal energy professionals:

  • leads standardisation activities for different types of geothermal boreholes (with, in particular, the publication in 2011 of the NF-X 10-970 standard for vertical geothermal boreholes),
  • awards the Qualiforage label for operators drilling vertical geothermal boreholes.

Il also supports the State in regulatory matters.

A geothermal energy “lobby”

BRGM is involved in the  SER (Renewable Energies Union), and its geothermal energy committee, with a view to developing lobbying activities on behalf of the sector, including through cross-cutting approaches such as renewable energy development in construction and heating networks or by contributing to energy self-sufficiency goals in Overseas France.

BRGM also contributed substantially to the creation, in 2010, of the French Association of Geothermal Energy Professionals (AFPG), which organises an annual Geothermal Energy symposium.

Training courses in partnership with ADEME

To cater for operational needs, BRGM and ADEME have designed courses for professionals on setting up and conducting operations involving geothermal applications.

Developing the sector at the regional level

Finally, BRGM is providing its expertise to support the sector’s development at the regional level. On request from the Centre Region authorities, it co-piloted joint activities with about ten drilling companies, which resulted in a regional quality label (Géoqual).


BRGM also runs information and communication activities to enhance the geothermal sector’s visibility.

For more information about BRGM's communication on geothermal energy

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