Arsenopyrite, the main ore found on the surface at the Salsigne mine, is rich in iron, sulphur and arsenic (7 to 20%) and contains a few grams of gold per tonne (S France, 2012). © Laurent Mignaux - MEDDE

Mineral resources: developing strategies for sustainability

BRGM is addressing new mineral resources issues by contributing to the security of supplies - a priority in today’s context of growing demand and increasingly scarce resources.

Contributing to the development of strategies for sustainability in the mineral resources field: this is the BRGM’s goal in a context of increasing tension on the mineral resources market.

Mineral resources: an economic issue for France and Europe

In today’s context of increasingly scarce mineral resources and growing demand for raw materials, Europe and France are setting up action plans to identify new resources, secure supplies and develop materials recycling.

BRGM is in an excellent position to support the development of mineral resource policies.

BRGM, unique and exhaustive expertise in mineral raw materials

In more than fifty years of mining experience, the BRGM has acquired geological and mineralogical knowledge on a worldwide scale as well as a keen understanding of the markets.

BRGM also conducts research on the processes involved in the characterisation and use of materials, minerals and waste materials of every kind.

This “mineral intelligence” makes up a unique and exhaustive body of expertise, which cuts across every aspect of raw materials knowledge and management:

  • the economics of mineral resources,
  • knowledge on the subsoil and deposit models,
  • exploration and assessment of reserves,
  • operational and post-mining site expertise,
  • substance life-cycle analyses,
  • process management,
  • forward studies.

Supporting mining policy development

BRGM conducts studies for states, institutions and businesses in France, Europe and the world.

It provides support for mining policy development, to help States:

  • improve the identification and use of their subsoil wealth,
  • develop new raw materials deposits through recycling,
  • establish rules of governance for minerals markets,
  • measure the environmental impacts of mineral sectors.
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