An inspection well for a salt pipeline. The pipeline, used to transport brine from the Alsace potash mines to the Rhine, is inspected on a regular basis (Ensisheim, Upper Rhine, 2012).© Laurent Mignaux - MEDDE

Research and expert studies: GISOS and GEODERIS

For research, expert studies and investigations of phenomena arising from extractive activities, BRGM works through the GISOS and GEODERIS groups, of which it is a founder member.

The State’s responsibilities in the field of post-mining are delegated to several organisations: the ministry for sustainable development and the DREAL (regional offices for the environment, planning and housing, formerly DRIRE) for governance functions, and BRGM for operational functions.

Research and expert studies are handled respectively by the GISOS scientific interest group (research) and the GEODERIS public interest group (expert studies).

Post-mining research

For research in the field of post-mining, BRGM works through GISOS (scientific interest group on impacts and safety of subterranean engineering works), established in 1999 by BRGM, INERIS (French national institute for the industrial environment and risks), INPL (Lorraine national polytechnic institute) and Mines ParisTech.

GISOS research focuses on three priority areas:

  • Terrain behaviour and surface impacts of changes in natural and artificial subterranean cavities.
  • Impacts of subterranean works and water table rise (when dewatering ceases) on underground water resources and the quality of surface and groundwaters.
  • Assessments and management of risks arising from subterranean works.

The aim is to better understand, analyse and model the phenomena at work in order to predict and prevent negative technical, social, economic and public safety repercussions.

BRGM contributes to the research conducted through GISOS by:

  • supplying data and experimentation sites;
  • proposing research themes aiming to improve monitoring practice and optimise the safety of people and property at an optimum cost to society;
  • contributing to ongoing research in areas linked to its own activities.

Post-mining expert studies

BRGM’s expert study activities are conducted through the GEODERIS group.

GEODERIS is a Public Interest Group (GIP) established by and comprising BRGM and INERIS.

It provides expert knowledge and technical assistance for post-mining work to the State (central and devolved administrative departments, particularly the DREAL) and to local and regional government authorities.

GEODERIS works in 4 topic areas:

  • data collection and management,
  • risk analyses,
  • risk identification and treatment,
  • support to the DREAL (regional offices for the environment, planning and housing).

More information about GEODERIS

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