The pithead housing the CARBOLAB pilot for CO2 injection into coal seams in Asturia (Spain, 2010). © BRGM

Risks in subsurface operations

BRGM puts forward safety criteria and assesses the environmental impacts of underground CO2 and energy storage and subsurface operations.

CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS), underground energy storage, exploitation of fossil fuels or Stimulated Geothermal Systems (SGS) technology cannot be considered without sound understanding and management of the risks that arise.

Concerning the risks involved in uses of the subsurface, BRGM conducts independent expert studies on:

  • the safety of subsurface storage sites and resource extraction,
  • the limitation of their impacts for people and the environment,
  • the assessment and proposition of solutions in the event of use conflicts.

Risks in CO2 and energy storage

Storing CO2 and energy underground raises particular issues. BRGM assesses the risks, taking into account uncertainties that are inherent to the subsurface and the required duration of storage efficiency.  It puts forward criteria to ensure the safety of storage sites in the long term.

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