High resolution liquid chromatography (LC-TOF) used to identify emerging organic pollutants. © BRGM - C. Bruneau

The "Carnot Value Chain" scheme to support research, development and innovation in businesses

The Carnot Institutes have adopted a new scheme specifically to support research, development and innovation (RDI) in micro-enterprises, SMEs and middle-market companies. The common aim is to facilitate access to all the human and technical resources they require to meet their R&D needs.

Carnot Institutes that are closely involved in a particular technological field join forces to facilitate access to their technical skills and facilities for companies - micro, SME and middle-market - working in the relevant economic sector.

The BRGM is the lead partner in two "Carnot Value Chain" projects

Eight "Carnot Value Chain" activities have already been launched for the following sectors: manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, extractive and primary processing industries, aeronautics, automobiles and mobility, fashion & luxury goods, sports and healthy living, clean energy.

The BRGM is involved in the following:

  • extractive and primary processing industries (Extra&Co),
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency (EnergICs).

Supporting innovation efforts in economic sectors

Each consortium develops a coordinated approach aiming to:

  • make contact with companies to discuss their needs in relation to market expectations,
  • guide and support their innovation efforts and facilitate access to technological platforms,
  • offer clear and coherently structured partnerships and transfers of knowledge and technology, based on an analysis of R&D needs in their specific sector activity.  

"Carnot Value Chain" activities are supported by the Investing for the Future programme entitled "Valorisation - Instituts Carnot", run by the ANR.


More about the Extra&Co project for extractive and primary processing industries

More about the EnergICs project on renewable energy and energy efficiency

Environmental metrology and eco-processes: the Captiven project for partnerships between small enterprises and research laboratories

Captiven (sensors and data for environmental quality monitoring of soils and water), winner of the "Carnot SME" call for projects from the Investing for Future programme, is developing partnerships between micro-enterprises or SMEs and laboratories specialising in environmental metrology.

Led by the BRGM, Irstea and Ifremer EDROME Carnot Institutes, Captiven is run in close cooperation with business and competitiveness clusters and associations in the environmental management sector.


More information on the Captiven project on environmental metrology and eco-processes.

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