The Corniche de l’Esterel, a rocky coastal ledge of red volcanic Permian rhyolite (Anthéor, S France, 2007). © BRGM - François Michel

BRGM, the French geological survey

BRGM is France’s reference public institution for Earth Science applications in the management of surface and subsurface resources and risks.

BRGM (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières) is the French geological survey.

Key objectives

  • Understanding geological processes and associated risks,
  • Developing new methodologies and techniques,
  • Producing and disseminating data to support the management of soils, subsoils and resources,
  • Delivering the necessary tools for the management of soils, subsoils and their resources, risk prevention and policy responses to climate change.

5 key roles

BRGM's activities are organised around its 5 key roles:

Scientific research

Scientific research at the BRGM is focused on furthering geological knowledge and understanding surface and subsurface phenomena. The key issue at stake is to meet the challenges of global change.

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Support to public policy development

The BRGM's activities in this area cover all expert appraisals, monitoring and studies conducted to support public policy development.

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International cooperation

With over 200 projects each year in 35 countries, BRGM works across the globe towards enduring protection for people and resources. 

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Mine Safety

In 2006, the French State handed responsibility to BRGM for monitoring and action to prevent risks and pollution arising from mine closures. BRGM has state delegated responsibility for all mine safety engineering work.

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The BRGM supports higher education training programmes in the geosciences and offers continuing professional training.

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10 topic areas

Building on geology as its core competence, BRGM develops expert knowledge in resource management, risk management and innovative ecotechnologies.

These activities are organised into 10 main topic areas that address the industrial and social challenges of today:

BRGM, a public industrial and commercial institution

3 ministries

The BRGM (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières) was created in 1959. It operates as a public industrial and commercial institution, reporting to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

See the decree setting out BRGM’s administrative and financial organisation

Certifications and labels      

The BRGM is ISO 9001 certified (quality) since 2004 and ISO 14001 certified (environment) since 2012. Its analytical laboratories are accredited by the Cofrac since 1994. The BRGM is one of the Carnot institutes.

Key figures

BRGM employs more than 1000 people, including more than 700 researchers and engineers (geologists, geotechnicians, hydrogeologists, geochemists, modelling specialists, geophysicists, IT engineers, etc.), in its 25 agencies in mainland and overseas France. BRGM teams are involved in projects in about 30 countries.

2017 accounts - income by topic area and source (2017). © BRGM

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