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Corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) at the BRGM

By vocation as well as through its scientific roles and activities in France and abroad, the BRGM is a leading player in the sustainable development field. It is committed to CSR in all its activities.

As a signatory of the Sustainable Development Charter for public institutions and public enterprises, with ISO 9001 certification since 2004 and ISO 14001 since 2012, the BRGM is strongly committed to the environment through the CSR actions it has been implementing for several years.

As a national public operator and through its functions in targeted geoscience research, the BRGM addresses numerous issues in connection with economic activities and sustainability. Its activities and commitments are deployed at the national level through its work as the French Geological Survey, as well as regionally, in Europe and internationally.

Sustainable development: the central goal of the BRGM and its teams

Under the State-BRGM performance contract for 2013-2017, the BRGM's key roles are driven by collective needs and issues requiring knowledge and support for decision-making on environmental, economic and social questions involving subsoils, their resources and the associated risks.

Eco-responsible behaviour, eco-mobility, waste sorting, energy-efficient renovation of its premises, indicators and emissions reporting are all part of the drive to maintain and reinforce consistency, both internally and externally, between the BRGM's scientific activities and good practice among its employees.

Review of CSR action at the BRGM

CSR report

The BRGM has produced a review of action taken in recent years in the field of corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR). Examples from our core fields of activity and from our day-to-day operation highlight the BRGM's CSR commitments to each of the pillars of corporate social and environmental responsibility: good governance and social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Read the review of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility at the BRGM


The 4 pillars of corporate social and environmental responsibility at the BRGM

BRGM action on corporate social and environmental responsibility is organised into 4 main areas: BRGM governance, social responsibility, environmental responsibility and involvement in the economy.

These 4 areas are defined in accordance with the Principles and Guidelines for CSR in public organisations, published by the Ministry for Sustainable Development with the Public Organisations and Enterprises Sustainable Development Club.

BRGM governance

Governance at the BRGM rests on several bodies, in particular the Board of Governors and the Board of Directors, which work with the various BRGM stakeholders - supervisory ministries, partners, clients and employees - and involve its workforce in important CSR decisions through the works committee, staff representatives and the CHSCT.

BRGM social commitments

The BRGM's goal is to promote professional development, mobility, motivation and advancement for all employees. This commitment rests above all on training (in-house and externally) and on agreements on tele-working, staff profit-sharing, equality in the workplace, disability, older staff and psycho-social risks.

The BRGM's commitment to eco-responsibility and the environment

This commitment is integral to the BRGM's corporate culture. As well as awareness campaigns on eco-behaviour, waste sorting and eco-mobility, the BRGM has launched a programme to improve energy-efficiency and sustainability in its premises in the medium term.

BRGM commitments to the economy

Through its 32 agencies covering mainland and overseas France, the BRGM applies a policy for close working relationships with each region's public authorities and enterprises, in order to support sustainable and responsible management of all below-ground environments and their resources.

Emissions reporting (BEGES) at the BRGM

In compliance with the Grenelle 2 Act on French national commitments to the environment, the BRGM, assisted by A2DM, has drawn up its mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report (BEGES). The initial report covered 2011. The new report covers the year 2014. It concerns all BRGM premises: its head offices in Paris, the scientific and technical centre in Orleans and its 32 regional agencies. Between 2011 and 2014, the BRGM's greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 45%, which is beyond the objective of 34% set in the 2011 report.

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