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Human resources

BRGM attaches great importance to the well-being of its workforce of some 1050 people, supporting their professional development and helping them to sustain their involvement in our constantly evolving projects.

BRGM's policy for human resource management is designed to promote well-being in the workplace, through opportunities for career advancement and measures to prevent psychosocial risks and promote professional equality.

Opportunities for career advancement throughout working life

BRGM's forward-looking skills and employment policy gives all employees a clear vision of their careers and improves human resource management.    Several measures have been introduced to support these goals:

  • Encouragements to career mobility every 3 to 6 years, in order to allow staff to broaden their range of technical skills and take on responsibilities for project management, expert studies, administrative management, etc.;
  • Continuing professional training (6% of payroll expenditure invested each year);
  • Career development interviews, additional to yearly interviews, to provide more in-depth support at career milestones: after 5 years of employment with the BRGM, for staff in their forties and for older staff (55 years of age).

15% of our staff change posts each year to keep up with developments in BRGM activities and to develop and make better use of their skills.

Well-being in the workplace and prevention of psychosocial risks

BRGM deploys a range of activities to maintain well-being in the workplace and prevent psychosocial risks, in particular through a specific staff agreement.

These measures are designed in particular to:

  • harmonise and simplify internal procedures;
  • strengthen management and communication within teams;
  • optimise project management and follow-up tools.

A specific monitoring unit is also in place to identify and support staff experiencing stress in the workplace.

The BRGM's commitment to gender equality in the workplace

The BRGM has published its new gender equality index, as required by the law on freedom of choice in professional careers. The 2018 index has reached 93/100.

The BRGM is committed to gender equality in the workplace, as required by the law of 4 August 2014 and the company-level agreement on diversity and gender equality at work.

Equality in the workplace means ensuring the absence of any discrimination within a company. The challenge for the BRGM is to achieve true equality between men and women at work, in particular through action against day-to-day sexism at work, equal pay, gender parity at management level and a gender-balanced workforce.

At the BRGM, the gender equality index provided for by the law of 5 September 2018 on freedom of choice in professional careers, reached 93/100 in 2018.

The score is calculated from five indicators:

  1. Equal pay: the pay gap is 1.4% in favour of men.
  2. Pay rises: the gap stands at 3.1% in favour of women.
  3. Promotion: a 1.4% gap in favour of women.
  4. 100% percent of women returning from maternity leave received the pay increases they were entitled to during their absence.
  5. Two women are among the most highly paid employees.

Disabilities and life in the workplace at the BRGM

The BRGM's commitment to employing people with disabilities is reflected in its proactive policy in this field. It aims to be a disability-friendly public organisation that promotes workplace diversity through:

  • personalised support for disabled employees (job retention),
  • direct long-term employment for disabled people,
  • cooperation with the protected workers sector to provide indirect employment through sheltered workshops (e.g. ESAT and EA).

This aim is enshrined in the provisions of the July 2015 in-house agreement on gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Based on a "disabilities" diagnosis completed at the end of 2015, a plan of action has been developed for 2016-2018.

Improved end-of-career management

To improve end-of-career management and facilitate transfers of knowledge to new recruits, a series of measures have been introduced for staff of 55 and over:

  • tutoring, training and measures to share and capitalise knowledge;
  • more flexible working time, with possibilities for staff to work 80% or 90% of the time with no loss of pension entitlements;  
  • improvements to working conditions and strengthened medical surveillance.



BRGM employs more than 1000 people, including more than 700 researchers and engineers, in its 29 agencies in mainland and overseas France. BRGM teams are involved in projects in about 30 countries (2017). © BRGM


BRGM recruits 60 to 80 people every year on permanent contracts, as well as doctoral and post-doctoral staff, block release trainees and other trainees on professional integration schemes, interns, etc.

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