View over the Maars de Moya on Petite-Terre (Moya, Mayotte, 2012). © BRGM - Dominique Tardy

Earthquake swarm in Mayotte: Earthquake catalogue

BRGM, the French geological survey, releases its seismicity catalogue for the earthquake swarm in Mayotte.

A catalogue for the main earthquakes above magnitude 4.0 

This earthquake catalogue contains the main earthquakes above magnitude 4.0 that could be located by the BRGM for the earthquake swarm in Mayotte.

The BRGM, a partner of the French Seismologic Network RESIF, is the only organisation with permanent seismic stations on the island. As such, it monitored this seismic crisis using real-time data.

When using the data it contains, the catalog reference to quote is:


Consult the catalogue from 10 May to 27 November 2018

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