A geological model. Albian and Neocomian aquifers in the Paris Basin (2014). © BRGM

GDM ArcGIS: an extension of GDM Suite for ArcGIS

GDM ArcGIS is a GDM extension enabling users to display ArcGIS geological data and models and use ArcGIS geostatistical methods.

GDM ArcGIS: a GDM extension for ArcGIS enabling users to:

  • display GDM documents (GDM Multilayer geological models, sampling logs, maps, sections, 3D documents) developed under GDM projects for ArcGIS,
  • use the ArcGIS geostatistical analysis tool.

ArcGIS developments for the geosciences: architecture and applications for 3D subsoil modelling

GDM ArcGIS meets needs for processing, modelling and distributing three-dimensional geological data in a geospatialised environment (GIS), for applications in:

  • Risk prevention: seismic risks, volcanism, etc.
  • Resource management, e.g. water, mineral deposits, geothermal energy.
  • Subsoil pollution management.
  • Spatial planning assistance - urban geology

Download the GDM ArcGIS presentation (in French)

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