The "twelve apostles", a geological formation in southern Australia up to 46 metres in height. Erosion has left only 8 "apostles" standing today (Port Campbell National Park, 2010). © BRGM - Thomas Alcaraz

Geosciences, the BRGM's journal for a sustainable Earth

The BRGM's Géosciences magazine investigates the many contributions of the geosciences to our society and economy.

Géosciences journal

Géosciences is written for an informed but not exclusively scientific readership.

Géosciences, a six-monthly scientific and technical magazine launched in 2005, addresses different research aspects and their applications to support the development of public policies, in France, in Europe and internationally.

The editorial content deals with major issues involving the geosciences, such as water, natural risks, urban geology, geology and health, the human environment and the natural heritage, mineral resources, polluted soils and waste, and climate change.

A societal perspective is systematically introduced together with the scientific content. Authors may, for example, address legal, economic, geopolitical, social or environmental issues as well as the geoscientific dimension of their topic.


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