Extract from the 1/1000 000 geological map of France. © BRGM

Printed geological maps

Geological maps are essential sources of information for professionals, teachers, students and interested members of the public. They are aids to decision-making for spatial planning, mineral prospecting, groundwater prospecting and protection, pollution control, natural risk prevention and the characterisation of local areas.


Geological maps: decision-making tools and teaching aids for geoscience training.

The BRGM's range of geological maps is unique in France. Our geological map collection, which started in 1925 and has been continually updated since then, includes more than 1100 titles.

In pride of place in our collection is the 1/1 000 000 geological map of France, now in its 6th revised edition.

We also produce regional maps to the scale of 1/250 000, giving an overview of large geological complexes and major structures.

More detailed maps are also available at a scale of 1/50 000.


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