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The BRGM's European relations

The BRGM is involved in numerous scientific networks through its European activities. It has played a decisive role in the organisation of Europe's geological sphere.


In performing its key roles of research and support to public policy development and international cooperation, the BRGM maintains collaborative relations with numerous European players and networks.

The BRGM's involvement in organising Europe's geological sphere

As the French geological survey, the BRGM has been involved for many years in the organisation of Europe's geological sphere. It is a founder member of  EuroGeoSurveys, the Association of European geological surveys.

The BRGM is a key player in the organisation of European research infrastructure in the geosciences and environment fields.

Through its collaboration in successive projects under the ESFRI Forum's strategic road-map for European research infrastructure, the BRGM is contributing actively to the implementation of two European research platforms:

  • EPOS, the European Plate Observing System, within which the BRGM will be hosting the Central Infrastructure Hub in partnership with the British Geological Survey (BGS);
  • ECCSEL, the European infrastructure network for CO2 capture and storage, for which the BRGM is coordinating the French node.

BRGM involvement in numerous European collaborative programmes

The BRGM has developed numerous partnerships with European associations and networks of excellence, for example as a member of CLORA (club of associated research organisations).

Since 2013, the BRGM has been a member for France of the Governing Board of JPI Water, together with IRSTEA.

The BRGM is also involved in various research and expert networks in its topic areas, including:

It is also a member of several European technology and innovation platforms (ETIP) for industries and research organisations:


More information about other BRGM activities in Europe

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