Core sampling for palaeomagnetic dating (Népoui, New Caledonia, 2011). © BRGM - L. Alizert

Careers at the BRGM

The BRGM is interested in a variety of profiles to work in all branches of the Earth Sciences. Diversity, professional equality, mobility and continuing training are the keywords of the BRGM’s career management policy.

BRGM recruits 60 to 80 people each year on permanent contracts, as well as doctoral and post-doctoral students, block-release trainees and others on professional integration, international volunteering and civic service schemes, and over 250 interns.

Main professional occupations

BRGM recruitment concerns the different fields of the geosciences :

  • Geology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Mining and processes
  • Geotechnology
  • Management of polluted soils and waste
  • Process engineering
  • Information systems
  • Geophysics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry and geochemistry

Jobs are also offered in supporting posts.

Recruitment profiles

  • Engineers and researchers (PhD, engineering diplomas, Masters)
  • Technicians (2-3 year higher education diploma)
  • Doctoral and post-doctoral Earth Sciences researchers
  • Civic service volunteers
  • International Enterprise Volunteers (VIE)
  • Interns (2 to 5 year higher education courses)
  • Block release trainees:
    • Apprenticeships
    • Professional integration scheme

Required skills

The minimum requirement is a diploma corresponding to the level of qualification stipulated for the vacancy. However, other criteria are also important, such as an aptitude for teamwork, communication skills and reactiveness.

Your own ability to adapt and evolve and your management skills are also important points that we take into account.

A good grasp of a foreign language is always a strong point.

Employment at the BRGM is open to people with disabilities.

Career management

The BRGM attaches the greatest importance to professional development and continuing training.

Professional mobility is encouraged after 3 to 6 years in a given post (to allow staff to broaden their range of skills and take on responsibilities in project management and team leadership, move to other teams, etc.).

BRGM devotes 6% of its payroll costs each year to continuing professional training, to help employees maintain a high level of efficiency in every area of their professional life.

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