Samples in the BRGM's NEPTUNE laboratory (BRGM, Orléans, 2009). © BRGM - Didier Depoorter

Research alliances

The BRGM takes part in French research programming through the ANCRE and AllEnvi alliances.

The BRGM is involved in two of the four thematic alliances established in 2009 to coordinate public research organisations: AllEnvi (the national alliance for environmental research) and ANCRE (national coordinating agency for research on energy).

Alliances for research programming

These alliances were set up by the government as part of the national strategy for research and innovation, to coordinate the main players in each field and thus design research and development programmes that are consistent with the national strategy.

Their aim is to strengthen the performance, visibility, international stature and added value of French research.  They forge close partnerships with companies in the economic sectors concerned, in particular through competitiveness clusters.

BRGM involvement in research policy development

The BRGM’s presence within these alliances fulfils an importance purpose: to bring an authoritative voice to French research policy development in areas relevant to its strategic priorities.

The French research alliances are members of the European alliances working with the European Commission to define policy guidelines for research in Europe.

AllEnvi - the national alliance for research on the environment

Logo AllEnvi

The AllEnvi alliance coordinates environmental research efforts in France. It strengthens cooperation between research and higher education establishments and economic players in the four strategic policy areas of food, water, climate and regional planning. It defines the research priorities to be submitted to the financing agencies and the government.

The BRGM is a founder member of the AllEnvi alliance for research on the environment. It is involved in 12 of its 14 working groups (covering climate change, natural resources, management of soils and subsoils, risks, etc.).

More information on the AllEnvi alliance

ANCRE - the national alliance for coordination of research on energy

Logo Ancre

The ANCRE alliance was established to coordinate and strengthen, in close liaison with industries, the performance of research on energy in national public institutions. The aims are to advance fundamental knowledge on energy and develop economic activities and employment.

BRGM is an associate member of ANCRE, the national alliance for coordination of research on energy. It is involved in two of its eight working groups.

More information on the ANCRE alliance

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