Core sampling for palaeomagnetic dating (Népoui, New Caledonia, 2011). © BRGM - L. Alizert

Scientific research

Scientific research at the BRGM is focused on furthering geological knowledge and understanding of surface and subsurface phenomena. The key issue at stake is to meet the challenges arising from global changes.

Scientific research is one of the BRGM’s key roles. The aim is to further geological knowledge and understanding of surface and subsurface processes through observations and modelling. Over 700 BRGM engineers and researchers – two thirds of its staff - are involved in scientific research.

A key issue: meeting the major challenges arising from global changes

BRGM research brings practical responses to the major challenges facing society and arising in particular from climate change, increasing mineral resource scarcity, new energy needs, natural risks and soil and water pollution.

These research activities translate into support for the development of public policies and transfers of technology and innovation to industry.

The BRGM’s scientific research is conducted through:

  • projets with state funding (grants for public service expenses),
  • projects with multiple co-financing (regional and European),
  • partnerships with targeted agencies (ANR, ADEME, etc.),
  • responses to calls for proposals from the ministries,
  • rapid development of research under contracts with industries.


The BRGM’s scientific results are disseminated in particular through its scientific publications and public reports, which may be consulted on line.

See BRGM's public reports and scientific publications

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