Sampling gases at their outlet during an experiment on resuspending PCB-contaminated sediments (2010). © BRGM - Philippe Bataillard

BRGM expert appraisals

As a research establishment delivering support to public policy development, BRGM brings society its know-how and experience to support public policy-making approaches.

As part of its activities to support public policy development, the BRGM conducts expert appraisals for clients in different categories:

  • State agencies,
  • Local and regional authorities,
  • Public institutions,
  • Private-sector partners (compliance with regulations, environmental performance, etc.).

The BRGM's expert appraisals are conducted to provide clients, in response to their requests, with interpretations, opinions or recommendations. These expert studies are conducted on the basis of available knowledge and demonstrations, and accompanied by objective judgments founded on the best applicable practice.

As the French national geological survey, the BRGM applies its expertise to all of its fields of activity in the geosciences: geology, mineral resources, geothermal energy, geological storage of CO2, water, post-mining, risks, polluted sites and soils/waste, metrology and information systems.

BRGM charter on expert appraisals

The BRGM has adopted a charter on expert appraisals whereby it states its undertakings on the quality of expert appraisals delivered to its public and private partners.

The purpose of the charter is to:

  • specify the different types of expert appraisals proposed by the BRGM,
  • provide information to potential beneficiaries of BRGM expertise,
  • guarantee the quality of expert appraisals by providing them with a coherent framework and clear organisational structure.

This BRGM charter applies the provisions of the National Charter on Expert Appraisals adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The BRGM decided to adopt all 10 of its articles.

More information about the National Charter on Expert Appraisals

ISO 9001 quality certification

The BRGM’s conduct of expert appraisals is governed by the AFNOR NF X 50-110 standard.

This is fully integrated into the BRGM quality management system, which has received ISO 9001 certification.

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