Students from ENAG, the BRGM's school of geology, on a field course in the Alps (2010). © BRGM - Johann Tuduri

Higher education diploma courses - BRGM Campus

Under the "BRGM Campus" label and in its capacity as the national geological survey organisation, the BRGM provides support to higher education in the geosciences field. To do so, it develops collaborative programmes with different academic organisations.

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Through its diploma courses, "BRGM Campus" is broadening the field of highly specialised training in the geosciences. The aim is to cater for the needs of industry and society in all fields involving soils and subsoils.

Support to higher education in the geosciences

Our activities under the "BRGM Campus" label aim to:

  • deliver BRGM training in the geosciences, in close cooperation with universities and the Grandes écoles, through courses run by higher education establishments for technicians, engineers, undergraduates and postgraduates;
  • deliver these training courses through educational partnerships with academia, businesses and the national geological survey organisations of other countries.

"BRGM Campus" extends the training scope of the National School of Applied Geosciences (ENAG) to cover the entire higher education spectrum (first degree, masters and PhD).

BRGM Campus is partnering the following higher education courses:

PhD theses with the BRGM

As the national geological survey organisation, the BRGM hosts 60 to 80 doctoral students each year under its PhD  programme, in cooperation with university laboratories and companies.

More about doctoral theses co-supervised by the BRGM


See the Ministerial Order establishing the "BRGM Campus" label

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