3D mapping of an ancient quarry in Orléans (France) using handheld laser scanner ZEB-REVO. © BRGM

3D modelling of underground cavities: the Zeb-Revo in videos

BRGM has been using the Zeb-Revo 3D mobile scanner since 2017. Several projects have since benefited from this highly precise technology to map underground voids and prevent the risk of collapse.

Caves, chasms, but also old quarries or cellars: some 180,000 cavities have been identified in France.

Identifying and monitoring underground cavities is one of BRGM’s tasks

Whether of natural origin or dug by people, these cavities must be mapped in order to identify areas of weakness and prevent them from collapsing and taking homes or any other building on the surface with them.

To this end, BRGM manages the national database of abandoned underground cavities.

Zeb-Revo, a revolutionary tool for mapping underground cavities

With a laser beam that performs nearly 43,000 measurements per second, the Zeb-Revo has revolutionised risk prevention. Used since 2017 by BRGM to map underground cavities in 3D, this 3D laser scanner allows surveys to be carried out in record time compared to conventional topography techniques.

Discover in 5 videos the work carried out by BRGM using the Zeb-Revo



Videos of Zeb-Revo

Zeb-Revo in figures

180,000 cavities recorded in France

2017: the year that BRGM acquired Zeb-Revo

15 hectares of cavities scanned each year

43,000 measurements per second

2 major benefits: speed and mobility


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