A mineral biolixivation pilot in the BRGM laboratories (Orléans, 2005). © BRGM - Dominique Chauveau

3rd Prométhée workshop

The BRGM, involved in the French national network Promethee, organises the 3rd Prométhée workshop dedicated to bioleaching, to be held on 10 October 2018, in Orléans, France.

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The 3rd Prométhée workshop will focus on bioleaching state of the art, current research and industrial projects and perspectives of development.

The program will include in particular three keynotes given by international experts from the field:

  • “Biomining Fundamentals”, Pr. Axel Schippers (BGR, Germany)
  • “Bioleaching process modeling”, Pr. Jochen Petersen (University of Cape Town, South Africa),
  • “Industrial applications of bioleaching processes”, Dr Dave Dew (Dewality Consulting, UK).

Bioleaching, from the mechanisms to the process, from experimental approaches to modelling

For several years securing eco-efficient access to metals from mineral resources, combined with a minimum environmental footprint has become a critical economic, social and scientific challenge. At the same time, the development of alternative routes to traditional processing is still required in order to be able to treat new resources, which have more complex, heterogeneous and variable composition, with lower grades. In this context, biotechnologies raise more and more interest for the treatment of primary ores as well as for metal recovery from waste recycling. Bioleaching is a bioprocess that uses the properties of “lithotrophic” microorganisms to “extract” metals from various mineral matrixes.

This technology has been used at industrial scale for many years, especially for the treatment of gold and copper ores and numerous research works are still carried out to extend its application to various types of resources (Ni and Co ores, mining wastes, industrial wastes, wastes from the urban mines, especially electronic wastes…). The development of bioleaching faces major scientific and technical challenges at the interfaces of multiple fields:
microbiology, biochemistry, process engineering, bioprocessing, electrochemistry, thermodynamic, chemistry, hydrometallurgy…
Working on bioleaching means dealing with a complex multiphasic system (solid, liquid, gas and microbes) that requires cross-disciplinary approaches. The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate exchanges between researchers from all this fi elds and practitioners of the technology to contribute to the development of bioleaching.

Prométhée group gathers French scientists working in the fi eld of hydrometallurgy. It was created to contribute to the structuring of the research dedicated to the development of hydrometallurgical processes for a better management of mineral resources from mining activities or recycling.


The access to the workshop is free, but you need to register if you want to participate.


3 avenue Claude Guillemin - BP 36009
45060 Orléans cedex 2 - France



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