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Investing for the Future: Labex Voltaire renewed for 5 years

The Voltaire Laboratory of Excellence, in which the BRGM is involved with its partners on the Grand Campus d’Orléans, is to receive renewed funding under the Investing for the Future programme.

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On 8 February 2019, Frédérique Vidal, the Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and Guillaume Boudy, Secretary-General for Investments, issued the list of 103 Labex (laboratories of excellence) selected for a further 5 years by the Investing for the Future programme.

Labex Voltaire, which is partnered by the BRGM with the University of Orléans, the CNRS and Inra, will thus pursue its activities for a further 5 years.

The laboratories of excellence, supported by the French State since 2011 under the Investing for the Future programme, are internationally recognised high-level scientific laboratories capable of attracting the best researchers and deeply involved in innovative projects.

Voltaire: a laboratory of excellence dedicated to the geosciences and the environment.

The Voltaire Laboratory of Excellence (VOLatils - Terre, Atmosphère et Interactions - Ressources et Environnement) works on the Earth's complex natural fluids to develop applications for natural resource uses, COand energy storage, geothermal energy, water quality and preserving environments, soils and air quality.

Voltaire also contributes to training at the Grand Campus d’Orléans in the geosciences and environmental fields, and aims to forge permanent links between research and socio-economic players in order to closely adapt research and training to economic and societal needs.

Recognition of scientific excellence for the Grand Campus d'Orléans

The renewal of support from the Investing for the Future programme for Labex Voltaire, which involves the University of Orléans, the CNRS, Inra and the BRGM, underscores the recognition given to the scientific research undertaken at the Grand Campus d'Orléans.


See the announcement of the 103 Labex selected for renewed funding under the Investing for the Future programme (in French)

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