A cleft in Antelope Lower Canyon, forming what is known as a slot canyon (Arizona, USA). © Joe Cornish/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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TInnov 2020 in Orléans

TInnov is back at the Lab'O in Orléans on 6 October 2020. A day of presentations and creative workshops aimed at developing ideas for the geoscience services of the future.

New modes of scientific intervention in the media

BRGM co-hosts the webinar entitled "New modes of scientific intervention in the media" (Nouveaux modes d'intervention scientifique dans les médias), organised by the Centre des Politiques de la Terre (Centre for Earth Policies) and the AFPCN (French Association for Natural Disaster Prevention) on...

BRGM publications: discover the geodiversity of the Morbihan region

The BRGM publishing branch (Éditions du BRGM) has added to its "Geological Curiosities" collection with the release of a guide on the Morbihan region. Co-written by three specialists on the Morbihan département, which is part of the greater Armorican Massif, the book reveals the specific...

Groundwater tables on 1 June 2020

The water table levels in May reflect the significant recharge volumes in 2019-2020, with above-average levels over a large part of the country.

Successful completion of maritime campaigns to monitor seismic and volcanic phenomena off the coast of Mayotte

Initial report on the MAYOBS 13 oceanographic campaigns conducted by the Mayotte Volcanological and Seismological Monitoring Network (REVOSIMA).

"Le Tour de France du littoral": a geologist's view of the French coastline published by the Éditions du BRGM

After the success of "Le Tour de France d’un géologue" (A geologist's Tour of France), François Michel presents his latest book "Le Tour de France du littoral" (The Tour of France's coastline). An invitation to discover every part of France's coastline through the expert eye of a geologist.

BRGM's magazine Geosciences now available online

BRGM provides free online access to all the issues of its Geosciences magazine.

Back2Business - The subsurface industry at the heart of the economic recovery

BRGM is sponsoring Back2Business, an event dedicated to all players in the subsoil industry sector. This 100% digital event will take place on Tuesday 9 June 2020.


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