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Earthquakes in Mayotte: new oceanographic campaigns

Hundreds of earthquakes have been recorded in Mayotte since May 2018. In order to better understand the seismic and volcanic phenomena involved, two new sea-based campaigns are being organised at the beginning of May 2020.

Natural disasters: the BRGM takes the lead in risk reduction

The BRGM has taken part in recent years in nine ANR (French National Research Agency) research projects on natural risks and disasters and led four expert working groups.

Earthquake in the Ardèche (S. France): initial observations and field missions

The BRGM and CNRS-INSU have issued a note on the earthquake that occurred on 11 November 2019 in the Ardèche département. Several field missions are under way to gain a better understanding of this earthquake of exceptionally high magnitude for the region.

SURICATE-Nat, a new platform for real-time monitoring of natural disasters

The public SURICATE-Nat platform, developed by the BRGM in partnership with the technological university of Troyes (UTT) with support from the MAIF Foundation, continuously collects and analyses messages posted on Twitter to speed up the transmission of information from the ground in the event of a...

Workshop on WCRP Grand Challenge and Climate Services

The World Climate Research Program (WRPC) workshop on Sealevel Grand Challenge will take place at BRGM in Orléans, France on 12-13 November 2019.

Science of sustainability: two BRGM projects presented to the UN

BRGM contributed to the brochure entitled "Science of Sustainability", submitted by the French Environmental Research Alliance AllEnvi to the United Nations in September.

3D modelling of underground cavities: the Zeb-Revo in videos

BRGM has been using the Zeb-Revo 3D mobile scanner since 2017. Several projects have since benefited from this highly precise technology to map underground voids and prevent the risk of collapse.

Volcanic eruption and earthquakes in Mayotte: surveillance entrusted to REVOSIMA

Since May 2018, Mayotte has suffered many earthquakes. A new underwater volcano has been discovered. The REVOSIMA network is now monitoring this seismic and volcanic activity.


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