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A prize-winning BRGM entry for the international "Innovation 2030" competition

The BRGM, with the Orleans CNRS and TND, a French SME, has won a prize in the international "Innovation 2030" competition launched by the President of France.

The BRGM, with the Orleans CNRS (ICARE and CEMHTI laboratories) and TND, an SME based in Armentières in northern France, won a prize in the international "Innovation 2030" competition for a project on recycling metals from electronic cards through a process using supercritical water.

The award is an acknowledgement of the BRGM's role in cutting-edge research in the strategic area of metals recycling.

Supporting projects with high potential for the French economy

The "Innovation 2030" competition was launched by the French President under the Investing in the Future programme and with support from the Bpifrance public investment bank. The aim is to support projects with high potential for the French economy.

110 projects were selected in phase 1 of the competition (start-up phase), to win a 200 000€ prize. Two other phases are planned (accompaniment and industrialisation) with a further selection and more substantial financing for the prize-winners.

The REMETOX project was one of the 6 projects selected for one of the competition's 7 topic areas, on metals recycling.

REMETOX project: recycling metals from electronic cards by a process using supercritical water

The REMETOX project is relevant to the recycling of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE), where the main technical and scientific obstacles are the heterogeneity of waste materials.

The project will investigate the potential of an alternative recycling process based on oxidising electronic cards with water under supercritical temperature and pressure conditions. The technology has been developed to recover all the metals present and is expected to improve the profitability of recycling electronic waste while reducing its ecological footprint.

The BRGM's role in the project concerns the recovery of metals after the supercritical water treatment. Sylvain Guignot and Nour-Eddine Menad are the project's technical and scientific developers, working within the BRGM's Water, Environment and Ecotechnologies Division (Waste and Raw Materials Unit).


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