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ENERGIC OD, a European Open Data Network for Redistributing Geospatial Information to User Communities

The ENERGIC OD project to set up a European Open Data Network for Redistributing Geospatial Information to User Communities was officially launched on 6 November 2014 during a meeting in the Luxembourg offices of the European Commission.

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Starting on 1 October 2014, the 3-year ENERGIC OD project (European NEtwork for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities - Open Data) was developed under the European Commission's framework programme for Competition and Innovation (CIP). It is receiving €2.36 million in EU co-funding towards the overall budget of €5.36 M.

Promoting production of Open Data applications and services

The aim of the project is to promote the production of Open Data applications and services geared to new uses while removing the technological barriers raised by the heterogeneity of geographical data and the lack of interoperable standards.

To achieve this aim, the project is building on specific architecture and tools (brokers) that have already been developed and tested under previous European research projects. With these tools, known as "format converters", the inherently heterogeneous input data are centralised and processed through a platform known as a "virtual hub" into easily reusable data in standard and interoperable formats.

The Coastline app for mobiles

Coastal erosion is a natural process that has become a major issue in France and Europe. Various factors have been accelerating coastal erosion along our seashores, from sea level rise caused by climate change to more violent natural disasters (storms, tides and flooding) and economic impacts (urbanisation, tourism, etc.).

Coastal zone surveillance and protection require governments and decision-makers to apply measures and policies designed to handle these dangers. Organisations at different levels have to anticipate and adapt their economic and environmental management, prevention and information for regional or local populations.

Designed for this purpose by the BRGM under the ENERGIC-OD project, the Coastline app for mobiles is an easy-to-use tool for experts in charge of coastal monitoring and for citizens wishing to become involved in coastal zone observations: the innovation lies in combining open data and participatory data collection.   

The app provides its users with open data on the coastline and enables them to take part in furthering scientific knowledge. Once the user is logged in, the tool can be used to make observations of interest to scientists that can be made available to the public.

The Coastline app for mobiles

The Coastline app for mobiles.


The project involves 15 partners from 5 EU member countries: Italy, France (AFIGEO, Alkante, BRGM, CNRS and Depth France), Germany, Spain and Poland.

It is coordinated by the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto sull’Inquinamento Atmosferico (CNR-IIA) in Italy.


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