The Montagne Noire in the Hercynian range (Tarn, SW France, 1994). © BRGM - François Michel

POCTEFA POCRISC: promoting shared seismic risk awareness

The BRGM is partnering the POCRISC project coordinated by the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC).The project is receiving 65% in co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the V-A Spain-France-Andorra Interreg Programme (POCTEFA 2014-2020).The project's overall aim is to promote shared seismic risk awareness across the Pyrenean region by developing common risk assessment approaches among risk prevention agencies, encouraging the distribution of common information for local authorities and the public and providing decision-support tools designed to meet their specific crisis management needs. The BRGM is also receiving specific financial support from the French State through the French national regional planning and development fund (FNADT).

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A common project to promote harmonised tools and practices among transboundary risk management agencies.

The project perimeter is the transboundary zone in the Catalonian region of Spain, the Occitanie region in France and Andorra.  The project involves 10 French, Spanish and Andorran partners.

It is aiming to improve:

  • aptitudes in the zone for adopting transboundary prevention tools for the management of transboundary risks; 
  • capacities for collaborative risk prevention between transboundary emergency services.

Output will include:

  • transboundary seismic crisis exercises
  • dedicated risk management tools:
    • a) automated tool for generating and distributing damage scenarios in the event of an earthquake,
    • b) smartphone application for assessing the vulnerability of built structures and diagnoses of earthquake damage
  • guidelines for technical assessments of:
    • a) vulnerability of built structures (characterisation and ranking),
    • b) post-earthquake damage,
    • c) characterisation of aftershocks

Automated map of macro-seismic intensity of the 15 April 2017 magnitude 4.2 earthquake to the north of Girona. © SISPyr

Automated map of macro-seismic intensity of the 15 April 2017 magnitude 4.2 earthquake to the north of Girona. © SISPyr

All output will be applied through collaborative activities between transboundary emergency services with their French, Catalonian and Andorran civilian protection partners. The overall project results obtained will be transferable to the entire Pyrenean chain.

Project activities are backed by managerial and communication components (1 and 2) and technical components (3, 4 and 5):

BRGM's expertise to support local development in the Pyrenean region

The aim of POCTEFA is to strengthen economic and social integration in the Spain-France-Andorra transboundary zone. It is concentrating its assistance on the development of transboundary economic, social and environmental activities under joint strategies to promote sustainable development in the region.

The BRGM, through the coordinated activities of its regional hubs and its risks and risk prevention division, is contributing its experience and expertise in Earth Sciences fields to the different project activities, particularly those concerning assessments of hazards, vulnerability and seismic risks in the Pyrenean region.


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