Preparing rock compartments  for blasting on a 100 m high coastal cliff (La Réunion, 2006). © BRGM - Jean-Louis Nedellec


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EnergICs: Carnot Institute support to boost competitiveness in the energy sector

The BRGM Carnot Institute is one of the 5 leading public research organisations with the Carnot Label involved in the EnergICs project, designed to boost technological innovation on energy in micro-enterprises, SMEs and middle-market companies.

PITEM RISK: action on natural risks management and communication in the ALCOTRA Alpine area

The BRGM is partnering the PITEM RISK project, funded by the ALCOTRA programme for transboundary cooperation between France and Italy.

PIRAGUA: Assessment and forward scenarios for water resources in the Pyrenees in the context of climate change

The BRGM is partnering the PIRAGUA project, coordinated by the Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory and financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the 2014-2020 Interreg V-A programme for Spain, France and Andorra (POCTEFA). PIRAGUA aims to characterise the water cycle in the...

CHEERS: protecting the cultural heritage from natural risks

The BRGM is one of the 12 partners of the CHEERS project, funded by the European Alpine Space programme and launched in April 2018. The project is working on protection of the cultural heritage from natural risks, and especially on managing and preserving cultural assets during a crisis.

ESPREssO: a European project for transboundary management of natural disasters

Borders do not exist when a natural disaster strikes. This is why 7 partners from 6 European countries have worked together under the ESPREssO project from June 2016 to December 2018.

Carib-Coast: Caribbean network for prevention of coastal risks arising with climate change

In a context of recurrent cyclone crises and sea-level rise, the Carib-Coast project, which is piloted by the BRGM and an integral part of the Interreg programme for the Caribbean, is setting up a Caribbean network for prevention and crisis management of coastal risks that arise with climate change...

HeatStore: accelerating transfers of underground heat storage technology

The BRGM is partnering the European HeatStore project, launched in 2018 and aiming to accelerate transfers of underground heat storage technology to develop industrial applications.

Aquaref - keeping a close watch on aquatic environments

Aquaref, a consortium of scientific organisations, acts as a virtual collaborative laboratory which has been closely monitoring aquatic environments for ten years. Its achievements as the national reference laboratory for aquatic environment monitoring are impressive, with the BRGM playing a...


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