Preparing rock compartments  for blasting on a 100 m high coastal cliff (La Réunion, 2006). © BRGM - Jean-Louis Nedellec


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Activities: Post-mining

Mining environment: preventing arsenic and lead contamination at Roure-les-Rosiers

Environmental safety is in increasingly important part of post-mining management. A typical example is the work conducted on the lead and arsenic-rich residues from processing lead-silver ore at Roure-les-Rosiers.

Closurematic: developing digital management tools to reduce the environmental impacts of mine closures

Closurematic, a 3-year project launched in February 2018, aims to improve mine closure performance through digital tools.

Partial infilling of the Camoins mine : a difficult task in a sensitive urban setting

The BRGM's work to partly fill in the Camoins mine, right in the centre of a Marseille neighbourhood, again demonstrated our expertise in mine safety engineering. In this instance, there were several particular difficulties: infilling from the bottom, which is unusual, and working in a sensitive...

The Vouters Pit: new mine water treatment plant ready to go !

The third of its kind in the Lorraine coal basin, the mine water treatment plant at the Vouters site in Moselle is an improved version of an environmentally compatible passive treatment system. This is a typical example of the work carried out by the BRGM to address new environmental surveillance...

Consolidation of the Lawe riverbanks

As well as mine safety, the DPSM also handles safety engineering in other sectors. This includes riverbank consolidation work, as in the case of the Lawe River, which flows through the centre of the former Pas-de-Calais coal basin.

Successful safety work on a leaking oil well

Making leaking abandoned oil wells secure is always problematical. Damage sustained by the Cébazat oil well in the Puy-de-Dôme (dating back to the 1980s) during excavation work required substantial means and specially designed methods for a highly problematical context.

Mine working : a major operation to prevent sinkhole risks

The Franchepré zone in the Lorraine iron basin was listed as a “high risk” area, due to the constant threat of localised cavity collapse – which can create sinkholes - in a residential area. The mine workings had deteriorated to the point where the BRGM decided to halt surveillance from below...

Mine gas : Risk management methodology for coal basins

When mine drainage stops after a mine closure, i.e. percolation water is no longer pumped out, groundwater floods into the mine. One of the problems that arise is that the coal continues to release gases, which come under increasing pressure as the water level rises and could leak out through the...


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