Preparing rock compartments  for blasting on a 100 m high coastal cliff (La Réunion, 2006). © BRGM - Jean-Louis Nedellec


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Missions: International cooperation

Geological mapping and mineral inventories : three new programmes in Africa

Supporting economic development in Africa by updating knowledge on its geology and mineral resources is the common aim of three recent projects piloted by the BRGM in Chad, Malawi and Cameroon.

Coqueiral: global change and water supplies for Recife, one of the world's mega-cities

How will the mega-cities of the world's emerging economies cope with water demand in the context of global climate change? Preliminary solutions from the Coqueiral project, piloted by the BRGM from 2012 to 2015.

A hydrogeological map of Africa

The BRGM published a hydrogeological map of Africa to the scale of 1/10 M. As the first of its kind at this scale, the map is a fundamental tool for locating the aquifer potential of Africa’s main geological structures.

Mineral resources : Two mapping and training projects for the Republic of Congo

The BRGM is currently completing two geological mapping and training projects under the aegis of Total Exploration & Production and Asperbras.

New edition of the 1:10,000,000 geological map of Africa

A new 1:10,000,000 geological map of Africa, updated through ten years of scientific study and complying with international standards for map legends and presentation, is to be published by the BRGM for the 35th International Geological Congress in Cape Town.

MIAVITA: assessing and mitigating volcanic risks

Assessing and mitigating risks from active volcanoes to protect people and property: this was the aim of the European MIAVITA project (Mitigate and assess risks from volcanic impacts on terrain and human activities), financed under the 7th FPRD and coordinated by the BRGM.

Seismic micro-zoning in Haiti

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, the BRGM competed a seismic micro-zoning study in 2013, in Port-au-Prince. The study, which was extended to the north of the island in 2012, aimed to classify urban areas according to their risk levels in order to support reconstruction...

A geological and mining infrastructure for the Gabonese Republic

Between 2005 and 2010, presiding an international consortium, the BRGM piloted an ambitious project consisting of a mining inventory, geological mapping and training.


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