A geological model. Albian and Neocomian aquifers in the Paris Basin (2014). © BRGM

GDM MultiLayer: Three-dimensional geological modelling

GDM MultiLayer is an extension to GDM Standard that automates the construction of multilayer geological models. This extension is part of the BRGM's GDM Suite.

Building geological models

MultiLayer is a GDM extension that rapidly builds up multilayer 3D geological models, thus considerably improving productivity.

MultiLayer offers easy processing of geological data stored in a GDM project with automated management of the geological modelling workflow.

After defining the stratigraphic column of the geological formations to be modelled, tools to cross-analyse the different types of data for consistency are applied to check, correct and interpret the data.

A built-in assistant then guides you through the model-building process.All the parameters used in building up the model are saved and can be reused.

The model is eady to use thanks to automated production of maps, cross-sections and 3D views that can be exported to different formats.

Fields of application

  • Mineral resource exploration and extraction,
  • Water resource management,
  • Geotechnology and civil engineering
  • Designing tunnels, dams or underground storage sites,
  • Area planning,
  • Geothermal energy.

Licencing conditions / prices

To build up multilayer 3D geological models:

  • Single-user licence: 7500 € (excl. VAT)
  • Discounts available for multiple orders
  • University licences: please contact us

GDM licence required


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