A geological model. Albian and Neocomian aquifers in the Paris Basin (2014). © BRGM

GDM Standard: Data representation and modelling

GDM Standard includes all the standard features of the BRGM's GDM Suite.

GDM Standard includes all the standard features of the GDM Suite.

Description of the GDM Standard

GDM Standard is used to display and model geological data with X, Y and Z coordinates:

  • of all types: geological boundaries, faults, cores and samples,
  • in any form: geological codes, descriptive texts, analysis results, diagraphs, images.

GDM Standard will directly handle data in Text / Excel / Access / Oracle / SQL Server / PostgreSQL.

GDM Standard produces high-quality graphs:

  • 1D: multi-column sampling logs
  • 2D: maps, vertical cross-sections as lines or dotted lines with several graphic layers
  • 3D: all GDM objects that can be represented in 3D, with system back-up of the different views
  • "inter-view" system for parallel location of data in the 1D, 2D and 3D views
  • interactive graphs to consult the information from a graph on a given data point, sample, grid node, etc.
  • export of 1D and 2D in vector mode for incorporation into your documents  with no loss of resolution
  • export of 3D views in raster mode
  • mass export of sampling logs and cross-section series
  • Your clients can view 1D, 2D and 3D documents in their original format using the free GDM Viewer 2014

GDM Standard enables geological modelling and interpolation of a wide array of parameters:

  • automatically (interpolation)
    • using geostatistical or other interpolation methods
    • with faults and boundaries
    • by computing composites along core samples (mineralised seam, cross-section of polluted ground, etc.)
  • manually by digitisation onto maps and cross-sections

Results are displayed as isovalue curves, cross-sections or possible calculated volumes.

Fields of application of GDM Standard

GDM Standard Edition 2014 has applications in different fields of the geosciences:

  • water resource management,
  • geotechniques, design of tunnels, dams or underground storage sites,
  • area planning,
  • mineral resource exploration and extraction,
  • diagnoses of underground pollution,
  • natural risks: underground cavities, sinkholes, etc.
  • geothermal energy.

Licencing conditions / prices

GDM Standard

Windows GDM 7.1 "GDM Standard":

  • Single-user licence:5000 € (excl. VAT)
  • Discounts available for multiple orders
  • University licences: please contact us

GDM viewer: free.


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